Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shanghai...the Austin/New York/Chicago of China?

Our team has departed Beijing and arrived in Shanghai, a city to the southeast situated on the Huang Pu River which feeds into the Yellow Sea. The city has a distinctly different feel to it from Beijing...Beijing feeling more historic and industrial and Shanghai more cozy, hip, and modern. Amy and I went to do a home study update and full home study yesterday (yes, even in China, Amy does home studies!) and had an amazing dinner overlooking the river and world famous Shanghai skyline, including the 2nd tallest building in the world. Like two good Texas girls, we ate burgers for dinner. We just couldn't handle any more Chinese's delicious, but we really needed ground beef.

Amy and I have been catching up on work from this past weekend with our camp, making a more formal plan to advocate for our children from the camp this past weekend. We definitely want to partner with you all in surrounding these kids with hope!

For the next two days, we will be providing developmental and counseling support to several different children home facilities here in Shanghai along with the gifted Superkids team who will be providing physical therapy for the children. It's amazing to see the skills of our team work collaboratively.

By the way, there are just some universal things about men and women that translate regardless of culture. Our friend and guide in Beijing was on a phone call in the evening with a female that sounded a bit upset. Amy asked..."was that your wife?" He was completely shocked that we knew the woman he was speaking with was his wife.

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