Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mmmm...a new year

I hope all had a wonderful and peace filled holiday season! As an update, we were informed by CCAA that our five day program (similar to our program in October, but we will bring people with us) has been postponed to the summer as Chinese New Year effectively disrupts all normal activities in China and it would be easier for CCAA to facilitate then. While we were looking forward to going in February (although us Texans aren't quite accustomed to the level of coldness we would have experienced), we are glad to have more time to plan and deepen the quality of program we can produce for such deserving kids.

Three of our kids from the October China program have been linked to a family - how exciting! Progress on advocating for this group is slow, but steady. We do indeed need you as a partner in spreading the word about their story and the opportunity for good families to provide a loving home for a child. Please consider any opportunities you have to casually or formally share the word - and if you need any suggestions, give me a ring (817-922-5988)! I would love to "meet you" and brainstorm on possible outreach ideas.

In addition, a church in East Texas has partnered with us to bring a group of children from Russia for a host program this summer. We continue to be amazed at the level of passion and commitment communities have for children in vulnerable situations.

Always feel free to comment or add your story to any post - we would love to hear what is happening in your world. Happy Chinese New Year!